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Check your transportation before getting inside


Before you book a bus or other transportation, it’s important for you to check on the company’s past. Has the company had lots of car or truck accidents, complaints from passengers or other issues? As a passenger, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting yourself. You’re putting your life into the hands of a driver you don’t know and a company you may not have used before; know the background before you take that risk.

Typically, buses are one of the safest options for passengers, but getting into a crash can ruin your trip and leave you with injuries. Safety should be your priority, and it should be the driver’s priority, too.

Before you get on a bus, check a few things. Start by looking at the equipment itself; how does the bus look? Is it in good shape? If it looks rickety or like there are lots of dents, scratches or wear and tear, that could be a sign that the vehicle has not been maintained to a high standard.

What is the driver like? Does he or she appear awake and aware? Does he or she look unwell or in a healthy condition? Feeling sick or being tired could put the driver in a position to cause an accident.

Also look into the company and see if there are complaints or violations of federal safety regulations. The drivers working with the company should be licensed and should not have violations on their licenses.

If you’re in an accident because of a dangerous or negligent driver, you can seek compensation. If you check for as much information as possible beforehand, you may be able to avoid putting yourself at risk for those injuries.

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