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Car hits Massachusetts trooper’s vehicle at construction zone


A recent car accident on southbound Route 140 in Lakeville, Massachusetts, involved a driver who hit a Massachusetts State Police cruiser stationed at a construction zone. The officer’s vehicle was stationary at the time of the collision and the officer was tasked with guarding the construction site while employees worked. Under the best of circumstances, such protection would not be needed, but in this case it was. A motorist apparently struck the patrol car, causing moderate injuries to a construction worker as well as minor injuries to the state trooper.

Both the construction worker and the trooper were taken to local hospitals for medical evaluation. The 22-year-old driver also suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment. No charges were immediately filed.

Accidents involving drivers who hit state workers can become complicated legal issues because of the different types of liability that may be involved. Not only is the driver responsible for the individual injuries, but he or she may have to make reparations to the state for damage to property. The at-fault party may also be liable for injuries to the victims if any of them decide to pursue a claim for damages including pain and suffering, loss of income or other expenses and costs.

A personal injury attorney can discuss the special circumstances for a state worker who chooses to file a suit for damages. A claim made by a state worker could be complicated if the worker was on official state business at the time of the accident that caused the injuries.

Source: Wicked Local Wareham, “State police on site of car crash on Route 140 in Lakeville,” Staff Writers, Oct 10, 2012


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