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You can file a claim after getting injured on someone’s premises


Falls are very serious and can cost you and your loved ones when it comes to medical bills and care. Every year, there are around 2.5 million older people who are treated in emergency rooms because of fall injuries. Around one out of every five falls results in serious injuries like broken bones or head injuries.

Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries, and they often lead to hip fractures for older people. If not, there are other injuries that may result. For instance, broken bones, cracked wrists, broken arms, hip injuries, broken ankles and other breaks are possible. Head injuries can be serious, particularly if the person is on blood thinners at the time of the accident.

There are some reasons that falls are more likely for some people, like if they have balance issues or lower body weakness, but in cases of premises liability, falls are most commonly caused by clutter or things that can be tripped over, a lack of handrails to hold onto or broken or uneven steps. Slippery floors, slick entry ways, cracked or raised levels that aren’t marked and other issues can also lead to fall injuries.

If you’ve been hurt at a grocery store, local bank or other location where hazards or dangerous areas weren’t clearly identified, it’s important that you seek assistance. Our website has more information on the kinds of claims you can make and what to expect when you file a premises liability claim. With the right support, you can get a fair settlement or take your case to court.

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