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Boston child bitten by neighbor’s dog


A child in Boston, Massachusetts, was allegedly the victim of a dog bite by a neighbor’s animal. The incident occurred when the child was playing in his yard and the dog left the owner’s porch and bit the child on the hand. However, the details of the incident are disputed by the boy’s mother and the dog’s owner.

The mother alleges that the child was simply playing in the driveway when the dog jumped from the porch and bit the child. The child was crying and had his hand wrapped in a towel when police arrived. However, the dog’s owner claims that the dog was on the porch when she heard the children next door barking at the dog. She also claims that the children were throwing a type of fireworks known as “whippersnappers” at the dog as it sat on the porch. She said she then heard barrels on the porch fall down and the dog fell off the porch before biting the child.

The owner claimed that the dog was up-to-date on shots and provided proof of immunizations to officers who responded to the scene. The dog is a Bichon, a small breed. The police stated that the accident would have to be reported to the Boston Animal Control.

Dog bite incidents are often emotional for both the dog’s owner and the victim. In fact, many victims are reluctant to seek compensation for a dog bite because the owner is a friend, neighbor, or even a relative. However, emotion should not enter into the victim’s decision to seek damages for medical bills and pain and suffering if a person is injured by another person’s dog.

Source: The Roslinade Patch, “Dog’s Owner Alleges Child Threw ‘Whippersnappers’ Before Bite,” David Ertischek, Oct. 24, 2012


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