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Bike rider killed in accident on Boston street


A Boston truck accident left a bicyclist from Boston University dead when the tractor-trailer hit him on Commonwealth Avenue. Authorities said that both the truck and the cyclist were traveling east when the truck made a wide right turn, colliding with the bicycle. The victim was killed instantly. This death is the fifth cyclist fatality in the city since June.

The intersection has been a problem for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists for some time, according to residents. Several people who live in the area stated that they were expecting an accident at any time due to the dangerous nature of the intersection. They had been concerned that lack of visibility and other problems at the intersection would lead to a tragedy such as the one that has occurred.

The driver was hospitalized with what appears to be stress-related symptoms. He is said to be distraught over the accident. However, many area residents say that very few drivers are courteous to the numerous bicyclists in the area, and cyclists are constantly worried about being hit by drivers who refuse to yield to those riding bicycles.

A personal injury attorney looks at the causes of an accident and helps the victim or the survivors determine if there is cause for a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. In some cases, evidence is not sufficient to support a claim, but in other cases, it is clear that the driver was at fault and should pay for the damages sustained by the victim or for the loss of the loved one by a family.

Source: NECN, “Boston University student killed in bicycle accident,” Julie Loncich Dec. 6, 2012


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