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Bike accident at construction site results in brain injury


A bicycle accident ended with a Massachusetts man suffering a head injury and losing consciousness. According to reports, the accident happened on the evening of July 29, and police were alerted just prior to 9 p.m. The 34-year-old man had reportedly been riding his bicycle in a construction zone located outside Colony Mill Marketplace in Keene.

The bike reportedly hit a hole that was around 12 to 14 inches in diameter and 15 inches deep, and the rider lost control of the bike and crashed, hitting his head. Police reported that the man had not been wearing a helmet. The 34-year-old was apparently found unconscious at the scene by responders and was transported by air to UMass Memorial Medical Center and listed in serious condition as of July 30.

According to reports, the hole did not have any kind of cover over it, but the construction zone was between two parking lots and had cones around it. The construction is being done to both Colony Mill Marketplace and The Center, and improvements include new signs, updated landscaping and new sidewalks and curbs. In this case, the construction was being overseen by a third-party contractor who, according to the owners of the properties, was told to cover all open holes. An investigation into whether the proper procedures were followed was still underway.

Head injuries are often associated with car accidents, but traumatic brain injuries can result from even seemingly minor accidents such as falls. In these types of cases, the property owner or management company may be able named as a defendant in a lawsuit seeking monetary compensation for the victim.

Source: Sentinel Source, “Keene bicyclist in serious condition at Massachusetts hospital” Alyssa Dandrea, Jul. 31, 2014



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