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Allegedly drunk driver injures two victims in Norwood


Two people were the victims of injuries in a car accident caused by an allegedly drunk driver in Norwood, Massachusetts, on the Boston-Providence Highway, according to police sources. The accident happened around 3:30 a.m., when a driver who was allegedly drinking struck the car in which a male driver and female passenger were traveling, causing serious injury to both.

The police arrested the driver and charged him with DUI. Authorities stated that this was the driver’s fourth DUI offense. The driver was also charged with DUI resulting in serious injury, and negligent operation of a vehicle. The driver was also civilly cited for possession of marijuana.

In cases such as this, the victims might make a claim for damages against the driver who caused their injuries. Victims who have been injured in a car accident can often receive damages if the other driver can be shown to have been negligent. Negligence is frequently evident if the driver was indeed operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol over the legal limit. DUI is often used as a per se argument for negligence when a driver injures others through his or her actions: In other words, drivers know that operating a motor vehicle under the influence is dangerous, so if they choose to do so, they are deliberately putting others at risk.

A personal injury attorney can examine the victims’ case and can give them advice on how to seek damages in this situation, and they could receive reimbursement for medical expenses, other costs, and reasonable sums for their pain and suffering.

Source: Wicked Local Norwood, “Norwood Police: Drunken driver hits car, injures two,” Brad Cole, Oct. 31, 2012


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