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92-year-old woman unhappy after dog attacks and isn’t euthanized


If you were attacked by a dog, how would you feel if you found out that the owner and animal were not being punished? You may be ready to go back to court over the animal if it makes another wrong move or if the owners don’t listen to the orders from the court. In Leicester, a woman was attacked as she sat on her porch, and she and her family are now angry because only restrictions have been placed on the animal instead of euthanizing it.

According to the story from July 18, the 92-year-old woman was sitting on her porch when the female dog from next door approached and attacked her. The woman was bitten several times on the forearm and then on her face. She received a transfusion, and her son reports that she is now scared to leave the house because of the dog’s close proximity.

When asked what she thought happened, the owner reported that she believed the dog was trying to protect her son. He was near the porch and woman when she suspects the elderly woman moved in a manner the dog saw as threatening. She has said that she feels badly about the attack. She stayed with the woman and helped her following the attack. Despite that, she was allegedly ganged up on by neighbors following the incident, making her feel threatened, and now more reports about the dog have been given to police. The woman has allegedly not put up a fence, although she claims she used a wireless fence briefly until neighbors stated it wasn’t good enough.

Now, the woman is required to keep the dog in a securely enclosed pen with a roof and four sides. The owners must have liability insurance on the pet and keep it on a 3-foot leash and muzzled when on a walk.

Source: Telegram.com, “Leicester dog spared; victim’s family angry,” Susan Gonsalves, July 18, 2015

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