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5 hospitalized in Andover truck accident


A truck accident in Andover sent five people to the hospital, one of whom had his legs pinned by the tires of a semi truck. The accident occurred on the southbound side of Interstate 495 around 6:00 a.m. between Exit 41 and the Interstate 93 interchange.

Police officials described the accident as a chain-reaction that pushed one vehicle into the car ahead. The collisions started when a tractor-trailer crashed into the back of a van, ejecting the passenger into the roadway. The victim was then run over by the tractor-trailer, which stopped on top of his legs. The victim sustained serious physical trauma but was responsive when rescue workers spoke to him.

Firemen lifted the vehicle from the victim using high-pressure airbags. Four other people were also taken to hospitals with back, neck and facial injuries. No official word was given on the status of any of the victims or their identities, but police sources did state that one victim left the hospital not long after the incident.

Accidents such as this one take a very hard physical toll on victims. When a driver is negligent and causes a collision, the harm may not stop with damage to the vehicles. In this case, a man’s legs were seriously injured and others suffered physical damage as well because of a rear-end collision. A personal injury attorney can talk to the victims of such accidents and help them understand their rights and how they may be able to collect damages for their injuries to pay for medical bills and other costs.

Source: The Eagle-Tribune, “Auto accident pins man’s legs under truck,” Bill Kirk, Oct. 23, 2012


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