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2 women injured in burning car


Massachusetts police responded to reports of flames engulfing a car on I-495 the morning of Dec. 16, 2013. According to police, two women suffered non-life threatening injuries in the motor vehicle accident. An ambulance rushed both women to Milford Regional Medical Center for their injuries. The accident occurred at 11:20 a.m.

Police determined that the accident occurred as a 1999 Land Rover headed south, crossed over the median at a high speed and crashed into a 2013 Lexus that was driving northbound. The 1999 Land Rover caught fire after the impact of the collision. The 22-year-old male driver of the Land Rover was not injured in the accident. The driver of the Lexus was a 71-year-old woman from Conway. Her passenger was a 66-year-old woman from Hadfield.

These types of accidents may have a significant negative impact on the most crucial aspects of someone’s personal life. Pain and suffering may encapsulate economic, psychological or physical hardships that transpire as a result of an accident. The medical expenses can be overwhelming for accident victims who are attempting to recover from a serious collision. Some of these victims may require extensive treatment or long-term care from a health professional. Often times, a serious accident will cause the victim to miss a significant amount of work as well.

Many accident victims prefer to work with local lawyers in order to recover compensation for some of these hardships. Legal counsel may be able to provide insight and a strategy for tabulating lost wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering as well. Accident victims may rely on local lawyers for assessing negligence and identifying the liable party once an accident occurs. Local attorneys may also serve as an effective intermediary for people who are weary of dealing with insurers.

Source: The Milford Daily News, “Car busts into flames, two injured in I-495 crash“, December 16, 2013


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