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2 pit bulls attack, maim woman and her pet Labrador


Dogs can be dangerous when they’re not trained correctly or suffer from various conditions. When they’re a hazard to others, it’s the responsibility of the pets’ owner to make sure they don’t harm others. If the dogs do, then they can be taken away and the owners could be held liable in court.

The owner of two pit bulls has been arrested for a serious incident where his two dogs attacked and mauled a 60-year-old woman. According to the Aug. 4 news, the woman, who is from Salem, was walking her dog, a yellow Labrador, when she saw the two dogs running at her aggressively.

It was just after 7:00 p.m., when the woman was attacked. The story reports that the man who owned the dogs had just returned home when his dogs jumped out of his vehicle unleashed and ran toward the woman and her pet.

The man was arrested and held on $25,000 bail after the incident. The dogs were seized by animal control while their owner was charged with assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (reckless). In this case, his dogs were considered weapons.

The woman who was injured suffered severe injuries to her left hand and a small bite to the right. She reported being familiar with the dogs, and she knew that they were aggressive. When she tried to stop one from attacking, it bit her hand and whipped its head from side to side, causing her injuries. The other attacked her pet Labrador, who suffered injuries to its right rear leg.

As the woman screamed for help, her husband came out of their home and attacked the dogs. When the pit bull released the woman, it then attacked their pet with its companion. It wasn’t until then that the owner was able to get them under control.

Source: Salem Patch, “Pit Bulls Attack Salem Woman, Owner Arrested: Report,” Joe Lipovich, Aug. 04, 2016

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