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Perrault Blair Law Group Sponsors the Methuen Rail Trail


Perrault Blair Law Group sponsors the Methuen Rail Trail in Massachusetts.

For years, Perrault Blair Law Group has been a proud sponsor of the Methuen Rail Trail. The Trail exists on what was formerly the Manchester and Lawrence Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad and has been transformed into a pedestrian and bicycle friendly route. The Trail begins in Salem, New Hampshire and crosses through the Nevins Bird Sanctuary, where one can spot hawks, herons, egrets, woodpeckers, ducks, many other types of birds, and other animals in the park’s woodland, marsh, and meadow habitats in Methuen. The trail ends at Manchester Street Park in Lawrence where you will find a playground, picnic tables, and a connection to the Spicket River Greenway. The Methuen Rail Trail is paved from end to end and ample parking is available at the Methuen Railroad Depot.

As part of Perrault Blair Law Group’s sponsorship, the firm purchased and dedicated a park bench to enhance the Rail Trail experience of all.

Discover the picturesque Methuen Rail Trail, a scenic pathway steeped in history that seamlessly links three charming communities in northeastern Massachusetts. Following the former route of the Manchester and Lawrence Branch of the Boston and Maine Railroad, the Methuen Rail Trail embarks from the New Hampshire border in Salem. As it winds south through Methuen, it traverses the Nevins Bird Sanctuary, showcasing an array of hawks, herons, woodpeckers, and more amidst its lush woodlands, marshes, and meadows.

Journeying onward, the trail unveils a relic from its railroading past, the Methuen Railroad Depot, a timeless structure built in 1907, nestled at the crossroads of Union and Railroad Streets. Finally, your expedition culminates at Lawrence’s Manchester Street Park, offering not only a delightful endpoint but also a playground, picnic spots, and a seamless transition to the Spicket River Greenway.

With its end-to-end paved surface, the Methuen Rail Trail invites cyclists, joggers, and strollers to traverse its path in comfort and style. Convenient parking is available at multiple points, including Hampshire Road in Salem, the Methuen Railroad Depot, and Lawrence’s Manchester Street Park. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a history buff, or a family seeking outdoor fun, this trail promises an enriching experience for all.

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